Bremerton, Washington - Council # 1379
Near-Term Council Events
This page was last updated: July 15, 2014
In order to make the good works of our council more visible to the parish, new recruiting efforts are underway.  A recruiting station will be manned at each council event held at the parish. Each member attending council meetings will be provided a membership packet so they can recruit potential members when the opportunity arises.  

All council members who serve in non-council parish apostolates (e.g. Religious Education, Sister Parish Committee, etc.) are encouraged to wear their council badge/vest while performing the duties of that apostolate.  It is important for the parish to know ALL the good works council members do .  This will show the parish just how very active we are and help us recruit good men to the order. 

 -The Works of Mercy -
It is important to know the works of mercy.  It is also important to look at our lives and ask ourselves, "Am I performing in the Church's works of mercy in some way?"

Over the next several months, this website and the Lancer will cover the works of mercy and identify what our council and its members are doing to address this fundamental understanding of Christian charity.  
J. Kohler, editor
The Corporal Works of Mercy

1.To feed the hungry.
2.To give drink to the thirsty.
3.To clothe the naked.
4.To shelter the homeless
5.To visit the sick.
6.To visit the imprisoned 
7.To bury the dead.

The Spiritual Works of Mercy

1.To instruct the ignorant.
2.To counsel the doubtful.
3.To admonish sinners.
4.To bear wrongs patiently.
5.To forgive offences willingly.
6.To comfort the afflicted.
7.To pray for the living and the dead.